About Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox has done a LOT of development in his time, though it’s not entirely surprising. He loves technology, and currently has far too many iPads under his one roof. It’s inevitable he’s going to want to bend some of them to his will.

His proudest moment came at the release of Journey to the Exoplanets for iPad, and the subsequent awards that followed only served to justify the many, many twilight hours put in to make the product great for both DigitalOrigins and their partners Brandwidth and Scientific American. It made him smile.

The only thing he loves more than creating great apps, is creating great apps with great people, and he’s been lucky enough to work with many such people over the years. He’d throw a shout out to them all on a daily basis, but the internet would probably collapse under the digital onslaught. They all know who they are anyway, as he was never shy about singing their praises to everyone he met.

It should be noted that, despite his life being intertwined with computers and the online world on places like Twitter and LinkedIn, he also has a love of gym, reading and snowboarding, and can often be found around the snowy slopes of Hemel Hempstead and Milton Keynes. Oh, and he’d love to hear from you. He’s just funny that way.

Right now he’s helping digital agencies and publishers create multi-award-winning wonders on the iPad and iPhone, but he’s not averse to talking about anything to do with technology and small business. And if you happen to have a ideas on post-gym smoothie recipes, he’d be your friend for life.

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