Do one thing well

Someone mentioned this “key to success” to me a while ago now, and it kinda bumbled around in my brain until recently when I decided to Google it. Actually, I rather enjoyed the irony in using something that epitomises that statement; type in a word, get a list of pages back, nothing more, nothing less, and this statement throws back one heck of a list that’s even got Janis Joplin in there.

Well the latest DigitalOrigins iPhone App TrendFlow was finally submitted today. It has been a rather tricky birth, though perhaps more so because of the sheer plethora of things going on around the business at the moment than any technical hurdles. Bending a touch of OpenGL and internet communications to your will, encased in a shell of multitasking, has its spanners, but nothing that a few hours and a jug of coffee can’t fix. Despite the delays though, it seems to have turned out rather nicely.

The main thing I’m pleased with is that it fits perfectly with the aforementioned “Do One Thing Well” philosophy. When I set out to create this rather svelte app, I had no intention of creating a huge Twitter client, with bells and whistles having their own bells and whistles. There’s already some great software out there doing the job really rather well indeed (thank you Tweetie and Tweetdeck). No, what I wanted, actually for myself, was simply a real-time animated view into what was going on in the Twitterverse. Something attractive that I could have running on my iPhone whilst next to my laptop, something to simply glance at to get an instant impression of what people were talking about online.

And it’s rather gratifying how it just works. The use of size and colour of the Trends, along with the text and background animation communicates everything it needs to. If I see something trending upwards in pink or orange I can touch the screen and see what people are saying. If I want to, I can go another step further and open any website links that may have been tweeted, before heading back to the flow of Trends. Otherwise I can just leave it sat there, just in view, flowing and updating as the day rolls forward.

And that’s it. That’s what it does. Simply, One Thing Well.

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