Small is Beautiful

Most days I spend my time working from home. DigitalOrigins is a small company, and if I’m being honest, I like it that way. I’m not a traditional businessman, ever searching for a larger slice of the almighty dollar at the expense of everything else. I love the term “small is beautiful”, and I’m lucky enough to be working in an industry that shares the sentiment. The devices of the day are getting ever smaller and more beautiful, and giving people like me, and companies like DigitalOrigins, the opportunity to stay small, but still afford to pay the bills and enjoy the work being produced.

I read a short article recently about a small design company, Sagmeister Studio. Two designers share the workload, both do the work, both have a major stake in the business. On the rare occasion they will take on interns if they can commit full-time to the studio, otherwise it is just the two of them. And it is a conscious choice for the studio head, Stefan Sagmeister, as it is for me, both enjoying the challenge as well as the efficient and focused work ethic that the situation enforces. But for me probably the biggest driver is actually being instrumental in the creation process. Stefan put it better than I could:

If I would want to become a manager I would much rather go to business school and work on Wall Street where you actually have some challenges.

The work we do is challenging and creative, and being involved at the grass-roots level just feels right. Such intimate connection by everyone in the company can’t help but be good for my colleagues, DigitalOrigins as a whole, and especially our customers and clients. As Sagmeister adroitly put it, “We love our job”, and I hope when dealing with me, as well as the company, a little of that shines through.

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