Infinite Possibilities

Strange as it may seem, there is no exclusive recipe to creating a great app. There is no company that has a monopoly on new-tech expertise. To my mind it merely takes three things: a great developer, great content and great vision.

The world is beset with great content by great content creators. To date this content has focused on TV, print, websites. Now the focus has shifted to handheld devices – smartphones and tablets – and so must the content. But it’s not the end of civilisation, neither is it a paradigm shift that many would have you believe, that only they have control over. It’s an adjustment to be sure, but put a touchscreen in front of the uninitiated, and you’ll see just how small that adjustment really is.

There is no exclusive recipe.

And once you have content, acquiring a vision is easy; want to create an interactive touchscreen experience that draws people in and keeps people talking about you and your product throughout the subsequent awards ceremony? See? Easy.

But you have no digital experience? No idea of how to mould your content into a product that impresses? No understanding of the current technology or what it’s capable of? This is where the third and final element, the developer, comes in.

And by “developer” we’re talking about people that actually eat sleep and breath the technology that they work with day in day out. Good developers know their market and their craft intimately. They know how to work with content providers to create great apps, the best ones have been doing it for years. They work hard to understand the needs of their clients, they hold the keys to interactive nirvana, and they know how to get the job done, with what technologies, for what audience, for the right budget.

Great developers are like great authors or designers. They’re professional, they work hard and compliment the team perfectly, and not only do they want to do a great job, but they want everyone to benefit from that great job. When it comes to learning and information cross-pollination, the opportunities for any company partnering with a developer, are huge, and far-reaching. Want to keep up to speed on new tech trends? Partner a developer. Want to know how to move from paper to iPad to Android, to include videos, websites, and social media in your game-plan, not just for this product, but across your organisation? Partner a developer. Want to create and learn and grow internally whilst keeping overheads low? Well, most developers simply don’t have many overheads, so it’s a no-brainer.

The world of technology may be complicated and unforgiving for some. For others, for developers, it’s just another day of infinite possibilities.

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