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Time and Tide

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

I have absolutely no idea where the last five months has gone. One minute I’m starting a new iPhone app for DigitalOrigins, the next I’m in an office in Waterloo doing work for Mobile Interactive Group, all private projects forgotten, blog left on a shelf to gather a thin layer of dust.

What’s really crazy is there was still time to eat, drink and sleep in amongst everything else going on. I’m kinda glad really.

Many contracts start as a trial by fire, and the first week with MiG was no exception, finishing up an I’m a Celebrity iPhone app for ITV that unfortunately never hit the app store. It got close, but politics got in the way and it didn’t materialise. A shame, it was a great looking app and had some very cool streaming and voting in it that would have made for a perfect mobile companion to the TV show. But alas, these things happen.

Not all was lost and much of what I ended up learning on this app made its way into Sky’s recent Got To Dance iPhone app. We were lucky with Sky, they were very happy to go with our first set of designs, helping us to help them get the turnaround they wanted. i.e. really really short. It was definitely worth the effort though; the app did well in the App Store Entertainment charts, and the levels of user interactivity for each weekend show were fantastic. It seems people love joining in to vote for their favourite acts through the associated iPhone app. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work behind the scenes to make sure it all ran smoothly week-on-week, but aside from one small hiccup at the start with the CoveritLive stream, it all worked like a dream. A great app to work on, and a great outcome for a great show.

Interspersed in amongst all of these comings and goings was work on the Find a Property app, generally shoring up a rather complex codebase (not entirely surprising considering the project has been passed around several companies before it graced my screen), and adding some cool features to enhance a pretty respectable iPhone app. Hmm, actually I’m underplaying that somewhat, after all it did get onto the Sunday Times Top 500 iPhone apps list.

As did Ministry of Sound’s Ultimate Ministry of Sound app, another project I was lucky enough to have cross my MacBook screen. This app does it all; live radio, ticket purchasing, news, features, video streaming, iTunes track purchasing, there’s really not much missing. If you love dance music, it’s a must-download. I placed my mark on several versions submitted to the App Store before finishing with MiG, the same with Find a Property, before moving on, and it was a pleasure working with MiG, The Digital Property Group and Ministry of Sound (and ITV and Sky of course) pushing everything through efficiently and professionally, as you’d expect with such high profile organisations.

So I’m now back from the Waterloo offices in London, with a short holiday under my belt, ready to push forward again with DigitalOrigins work, as well as that of other clients’. Oh, and the website. I really can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve touch the website. Just to keep me happy, go check out the apps I’ve been working on, and download them at your leisure. I’ll thank you, MiG will thank you, aww heck, you’ll thank yourself once you have them on your phone. They really are rather good.