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Busy is as busy does

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Apple caught me on the hop today. CapitaHD, the iPad version of the pleasantly successful iPhone version, Capita, was submitted to the App Store a week or so ago, and on recent experience I wasn’t expecting any sort of response for at least another week. Time, I thought, to tie up some loose ends, tweak some other projects, update the website and be ready for the green light.

Well, I’m not complaining. Their processes have proven as swift as they are true, and CapitaHD is now available for download on what has now become my most prized of household gadgets. If I had to choose between the laptop and the iPad, it might be a close-run thing. Even the kettle and toaster would be on shaky ground despite the usage they both get.

It’s actually been a tough birth this time around though. Not because of the technical light-bending that goes on to get these things done and out the door. In that regard it has been quite the contrary; moving everything over from the iPhone version actually went surprisingly smoothly, the additional screen acreage proving to be such a blessing for the gameplay that I actually ended up adding more polish just out of sheer adoration. No, the creation of CapitaHD just happened to come at a time when time away from work kept popping up (Rome is a delight at this time of the year incidentally), and contract proposals were being penned and meetings had. It can all put a kink in an otherwise extremely productive production house. Fortunately I now have some hugely-appreciated help in that regard so the delays should evaporate into the ether, or so I have been told. Not quite soon enough for CapitaHD to become my first (and hopefully only) victim of circumstance, but welcome nonetheless.

Of course the other knock-on effect of being away is not having been able to put pen to virtual paper. It’s easy to say that the travelling around shouldn’t make things hard when it comes to things like blogging, but, much as I love the iPad, when it comes to pulling together a post, the limitations of the little terrier come ripping round the corner like they’re chasing guinea fowl. Even using my bluetooth keyboard, much as it improves raw text entry, doesn’t do anything to allow me to efficiently cut/paste links, upload images, research notes… The long and short of it is, as soon as anything complicated is required, the MacBook gets fired up, with its trusty mouse, and fancy windowing shenanigans. Not even multi-tasking will change my mind; all I want from Steve Jobs for Christmas is to be able to turn it off on my iPhone. /stares forlornly at every single app permanently running in the background.

Anyway, CapitaHD is available now, so if you fancy a jot of 80s gaming nostalgia, or are looking for a strategy game that’ll work your brain harder than most, go pick it up. Or if you want to find out a bit more about it, you can always head here. And of course don’t hesitate to drop us a line at, or in the comments section should you feel the need. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite.