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Developers as gaming entrepreneurs?

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

There was a question thrown around recently that made me think about my own situation: why do developers seem to be less interested in a career as gaming entrepreneur?

Having spent the last couple of weeks getting Capita onto the iPad, as well as digging my way through the iPhone Audio Queue mire, I think I kinda understand why. The work that we do is, for the most part, utterly absorbing. People talk about “flow” as being something that developers need in order to produce their best work, and when coding, it really is an intoxicating brew. The inevitable downside of flow however is that you can be starting the week reading about buffer sizes, callbacks and latency, and the next time you look up it’s a week next Tuesday. Very bizarre.

And actually particularly problematic when it comes to anything business-related. If you’re running your own show, more often than not you simply can’t afford to be “somewhere else” mentally for that length of time. There are typically too many things that need doing yesterday, be it contracts to chase, accountants to appease, lawyers to pay, and all are eager to destroy the flow that is so carefully cultivated and so ruthlessly defended.

Now I’m reaching the end of both projects I get a chance to sit up and look around, stretch the legs, and put some words onto the screen more of an English bent, a rather pleasant side note to the developing. But the more time goes by, the more I’m starting to think I’m more of an exception than a rule. When caught up in the rush of development, I just don’t think that, for many coders, much else matters, which is why many are only too happy to avoid branching out and away from the work they love.

And the development community is probably all the richer and more productive for it, although I have to say, right now, I think many of us are wondering where on earth the summer went…

Welcome to the DigitalOrigins Blog

Friday, May 21st, 2010

A smart guy once told me “a website is like a dark shop window; you can just about see what’s on display, but haven’t a clue what’s actually going on inside the shop”. I asked him if he’d walk through the door to go in to take a look, but he said no and we changed the subject.

So this is our opportunity to brighten the display and shine a light on what’s going on inside the shop, pulling people in so that everyone can knock heads together. We get to talk a little bit about what we do and how we do it, as well as throwing spotlights externally on industry, personalities, and hopefully share just a bit of the passion we feel for the industry that we’re in. Oh, and of course no blog would be complete without a few other things that influence and entertain us as we wend our way around the sun.

So please do keep coming back, and always feel free to join in with the dialogue as we continue to grow in the creative digital industry. We look forward to connecting with you and enjoying some of the ride together.

- Andrew Fox